Chløë Black Releases the Brand New music video for her latest Single ‘Title Track’

Following on from the release of her genre bending single Sacrifice, late last month Australian-French singer-songwriter Chløë Black unveiled her latest instalment as she delivered her brand new single Title Track. Emerging onto the music scene back in 2015, she has been garnering increasing attention and acclaim, capturing her audience with her unique brand of artistry; already amassing over 7.4 million Spotify streams to date. Further adding to her international recognition, and showcasing her artistic skill; last year, she made headlines as a result of her viral ‘Around the World’ cover series on social media, which saw her impressively challenge herself to sing in fifteen different languages, including Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean Arabic and Xhosa. 

In this delicately poignant and cinematic ballad, Chløë highlights her vulnerability as she delivers a narrative that details her personal experiences with trauma; bravely outlining her heart wrenching experience of sexual assault. With a captivatingly ambient and cinematic instrumental, the expertly crafted production blends perfectly and effortlessly with Chløë’s seductive and enchanting vocals. Alongside the hypnotic melody, Chløë also released some stunning new visuals to accompany the track. Self-directed and immersive, the video sees Chløë performing between a cabin in the woods and a field of deer; capturing us in a trance-inducing display of alluring imagery to create a stunning backdrop for her innate story-telling abilities.

Speaking about the track, Chløë explains: 

“Most of us have heard of the ‘fight or flight’ response, but not the third response that is widely observed in prey animals and humans; ‘Freezing’. Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are often asked ‘Why didn’t you run? Why didn’t you scream?’ Freezing is an uncontrollable physiological response.”

Marking a new chapter for the talented singer, 2021 is already on track to be her most successful year to date, with an exciting year and plenty more releases ahead. Find her on all her socials @chloeblackmusic

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