Alana Soul dazzles with her latest release ‘Moment of Time’

Bursting onto the scene in 2019 with the release of her debut single Selfishrising artist Alana Soul has making her presence known, and placing her mark on the industry, with her sweet and emotive R&B vibes. Already having amassed over 600K streams on Spotify alone, and garnering critical attention and acclaim, she is certainly an artist to watch for the foreseeable. And late last month, she came back with the release of her latest single – her brand new track Moment of Time

Speaking about the new song, Alana said: 

“This song is about feeling loved unconditionally with pure intentions and no fear of the other person judging you – really just enjoying every moment. Why can’t we let our flaws show?”

Following the release, we sat down with the talented singer to chat all about Moment of Time, life as an artist, and all things music. Keep on reading for the full interview below. 

BM: Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

AS: I was born in Lambeth but raised in Croydon. I’ve been singing since I was 10 years old and I’ve been writing music since I was 11. Growing up I was always singing and if I wasn’t, I was listening to some of the greats like Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Celine Dion etc. I think this is what inspired my powerful sound.

BM: Let’s talk about your brand new release, Moment Of Time. With a dazzling atmosphere and energy running throughout, how did you arrive at that sound for the track? 

AS: So originally it was on a slower beat which just brought up many emotions and I felt like it took me on a journey of love. I remember humming the melody then quickly finding lyrics to go with the melody created. 

BM: What made ‘Moment Of Time’ stand out as the track title; and what does that phrase mean to you? 

AS: I think love is built over time and that’s what the song is about. It’s about loving each other in the moment and finding a place of peace and understanding together.

BM: What were you wanting to say, or achieve, with Moment Of Time?

AS: I would say I wanted to paint a picture of love that isn’t perfect but still amazing. For example the lyrics “why can’t we let our flaws all show” – this is about being so in love and comfortable with each other that we are not fearful to show our flaws and that is the message I wanted to convey throughout the track.

BM: How do you usually feel when releasing new music, and putting a new piece of yourself out into the world? Is there anything that makes you particularly nervous or excited? 

AS: Putting new music out is like the birthing of something new to the world, and it’s exciting because I’m sharing my creativity with the world, which for me is why I create music. To touch people.

BM: How have you dealt with being an artist and creative in the middle of this pandemic? 

AS: I would say it’s been very different and at times frustrating because you begin to lack inspiration from being inside all day, but at the same time it gives you time to reflect and learn.

BM: Delivering a series of incredible singles over the past two years; do you have any plans as of yet for an extended project, or any collaborations or features? 

AS: I have an EP coming out very soon which I am excited to share. I have worked extremely hard on it this year. I have really spent my time to create a concept that’s relatable but still different, so I’m really excited to share this project. I also have a great collaboration coming up with two Drill artists Bandokay and Doublelz. The track definitely has a sound that hasn’t been heard in the UK yet.

BM: Where do you see yourself heading over the next year or so, and how do you see yourself evolving as an artist? 

AS: Within the next year I see myself creating RNB music in the UK which has passion and bring the emotion back into it. For me it’s about creating something that shows a real sense of artistry that can inspire others.

BM: What’s most important thing people should know when it comes to your music, and you as an artist? 

AS: I think the most important thing for me when it comes to my music is firstly that it’s all written by me and it all comes from a place of real emotion.

BM: What can we expect next from Alana Soul? 

AS: This year I will be bringing out projects. I really want to make my mark in the UK RNB scene so I’ll be working extremely hard to grow as an artist and create music that can most importantly touch people.

Such a pleasure to chat to Alana, make sure to keep up with her and all her release on her socials @officialalanasoul

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