Yas VW continues her artistic rise with her latest single ‘Be The One’.

Gliding off the back of her mesmerising sophomore single Off the Ground, South London sweetheart Yas VW unveils her latest slice of dreamscape vibes with her brand new release Be The One. Embarking on her music journey last year, she has rapidly been garnering attention and acclaim for her vibrant artistry and nostalgic sound; reminiscent of old school R&B. Coming from a musical family, Yas gravitated towards the craft; becoming a natural musician herself and leaning to play both the guitar and keys from an early age. With a variety of musical influences growing up, from Michael Jackson to Aaliyah, and exposure to ‘80s and ‘90s R&B; theses shaped and moulded her sonic style to create something original and unique. 

A perfect start to 2021, her latest single Be The One is the latest example of her sound and artistry. Driven by her smooth vocals and honeyed alt-pop textures, this modern love song showcases the singer wearing her heart on her sleeve as she delivers a fresh yet nostalgic flair; cushioned by ‘80s synths and a hypnotic percussive beat. In addition to the track, Yas also delivered a stunning new video to accompany the song. Directed by Reece Selvadorai, the visuals for Be the One are a seamless depiction of the early stages of romance; simultaneously providing a taste of early ‘00s nostalgia.

Sharing her thoughts on Be the One, Yas VW explained:

“Be the One is a reminder that true love can be achieved. The guy that I’ve fallen for has lost hope that he’ll ever find that one person that he can experience the thrill of passion with. Searching but failing to find the one that can do this for him, he doesn’t realise that I’m right there under his nose the whole time, waiting for him to notice me. In this song, I am reminding him that if he takes a chance on me, he’ll experience that real love that he’s been craving. It may not be an easy journey, it may take time to reach a completely smooth ride of love, but once we get there it will be so worth it.”

With much more to come from the talented British R&B newcomer, Yas VW is certainly looking at a breakout year this 2021. So make sure stay tuned for her exiting musical journey, and all the dazzling new music she has to offer, as we will no doubt be seeing her rise up the ranks of the British music scene – @yasvwofficial

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