Talking ‘Long Nights’ With Aby Coulibaly

At just 21, rising star Dublin-based singer-songwriter Aby Coulibaly continues to shine with her unique artistry and personal brand of alternative R&B; garnering a reputation for smooth beats, empowering vibes and effortless vocals. Following on from the release of her sophomore track Maybeearlier this month, she delivered her latest track, and first single of the year, Long Nights. Alongside the single, Aby also shared the stunning brand new music video to accompany the song. 

Talking about the new visuals, Aby explained:

“The video was directed by Monjola and Sam Fallover who also shot it. I wanted the video to be really fun and not really serious, just me having a good time with friends and playing the PlayStation etc and that’s what we did. We shot it all in the same day and it was sooo much fun.”

Following the release of Long Nights, we caught up with Aby to chat about the new track and what we can expect from her next. So make sure to keep on reading for the full interview down below!

BM: How are you? How have you been since the release of your last single Maybe

AC: I’ve been good! Been figuring myself and my sound out and chilling a lot lately. I’ve been watching girlfriends on Netflix at the moment and don’t want it to end

BM: What has the last year been like for you, starting out on your musical journey during these crazy times? 

AC: It’s been a crazy one for sure. I’m actually kind of grateful things have kicked off while gigs and that are not a thing because that’s given me time to really practice and gain confidence in performing. But I am looking forward to it all being over so I can do gigs and shows.

BM: Back with your third single and first release of the year, tell us a bit about Long Nights and what the track means to you?  Were there any particular experiences or feelings that really drove or inspired the song – either thematically or musically? 

ACLong Nights is about women who tear each other down instead of lifting each other up. I wrote it the day after I had a weird encounter with a girl who treated me badly for no reason, and it was so crazy because she actually didn’t know me. The song was inspired by this encounter and it made me think about how a lot of women compete with each other instead of empowering each other.

BM: How would you say Long Nights compares with your 2020 releases – Maybe and Taurus

AC: I’d say it’s more similar to Taurus in terms of it being upbeat, but I definitely felt this type of vibe is what people need to hear right now to lift them up and make them feel good.

BM: Can you give us a window into you writing and creative process – how do you go about creating a song? 

AC: I feel like each time it’s quite different. More times Moyo will be working away on the beat while I start humming melodies and figuring out what I want to say. With Long Nights I wrote it kinda all over the place and put it together like a jigsaw because I knew the layout I was going for in my head, and then moyo adjusted the beat around my idea.

BM: Hailing from Dublin, how has the local music scene and culture influenced your writing, music and you as an artist? 

AC: Coming from Dublin the scene is small here but it’s growing; so that alone has pushed me because I’m determined to represent here and where I come from, and also make my Senegalese roots proud. I also think in recent years it’s mostly been white men representing the Irish music scene so I’m tryna break that and bring a new sound and energy.

BM: With live music and events still on hold for the time being; what are you most looking forward to, and what kind of energy are you hoping to bring, to your own shows and gigs when they can resume? 

AC: I’m most excited to gig, I really can’t wait for that. On the bright side this whole situation has given me and our band time to practice, so when they do come back, we’ll be ready. I’m tryna bring some groovy ass energy; I want people to dance with me and just have a great time

BM: What have been some poignant and landmark moments in your music career so far? 

AC: Definitely doing my first couple of performances pre recorded. I had so much fun, but when I get to preform to an actual audience that’s gonna be so fun.

BM: What can we expect from you next, musically?

AC: More and more vibes.

To keep following Aby on her rising artistic journey, keep up with her on all her socials – TWITTER INSTAGRAM

Posted By Stevie Carter

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