Lexi Berg delivers her brand new single ‘Helpless To Help You’

Going from strength to strength over the past few years, 2021 has truly been an incredible breakout year for talented singer-songwriter Lexi Berg, and has seen her garner a mass amount of critical attention and acclaim from listeners all over – including the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Pinnock and Rebecca Ferguson. Continuing to share and dazzle us with her music and her ever developing artistry; earlier this month, Lexi released her latest new offering – her brand new single Helpless To Help Youdelivered alongside a stunning new music video for the track. Following the release of Helpless To Help You, we caught up with Lexi to chat all about the single, her music and creative influences. With exciting things ahead for the talented artist, we will no doubt be hearing more from her very soon!

BM: How are you? For those who are less familiar with you and your music, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey so far? 

LB: Heyy, I’m feeling pretty good. Very grateful. Still pinch myself everyday when I go into the studio. Glad to be releasing music after such a rollercoaster year of ups and downs. When the pandemic hit I was an independent artist, so lockdown really hit me. No gigs meant no real income or way of promoting myself. But I fuelled my fear into writing and landed a Warner deal! Now I’ve collaborated with so many writers and producers and have written over 150 songs, all waiting to be released!! 

BM:  Being Swedish-American, currently based in London; how does your international and multi-cultural background influence and feed into your music, creativity and self-expression? 

LB: Well I grew up in Sweden listening to a lot of pop. I loved classic ABBA but also Max Martin’s songwriting. Nordic culture also reveres nature, so I think that feeds into my lyrics. But I’ve always been so drawn to the warmth of Americana pop, and 70s pop rock like Fleetwood Mac. I think you can see all those influences. 

BM: Congrats on the release of your latest track Helpless To Help You earlier this month! What was the inspiration behind it? 

LB: Helpless to Help you is a song about the frustration one feels when someone you love is suffering and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s about how to be there for someone in a real way, maybe just by lending a shoulder to cry on or by listening. 

BM: With a really vibrant and uplifting sonic composition, what was the creative process behind the instrumentation? 

LB: Jimmy Hogarth and Benjamin Francis Leftwich and I wrote this song together at Hoxa studios. We pieced together different parts, then Jimmy came up with a basic structure. Jimmy then invited the most talented musicians to play. All of whom played with such heart that created the most beautiful and epic sound. 

Everyone around you is going to have an opinion, but you have to follow your heart.

BM: Are there any particular genres or themes you would love to experiment with going forward that you haven’t yet had a chance to do so? 

LB: I would love to do some darker rock vibes, but also maybe bring in some of my classical piano into the mix. Who knows! I’m open to everything! 

BM:  How would you say the past year and a half has led to you changing or evolving as an artist? 

LB: Well, it made me face my demons. It pushed me to work insanely hard and give it my absolute everything. 

BM: What are some of the main lessons you have learnt so far through making music, songwriting, and expressing your creativity and emotions through that process? 

LB: Be honest, real and authentic. Everyone around you is going to have an opinion, but you have to follow your heart. 

BM: What for you is the most rewarding part of being a musician and creative? 

LB: Collaborating with other musicians. Reaching listeners who can relate to the songs. Being able to make someone feel something real. 

BM: Are there any artists you would love to work or collaborate with? 

LB: So many! I would love to collaborate with legends like Stevie Nicks or Benny and Bjorn from ABBA. But also would be so cool to work with Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys or Glass Animals because they are so different to me but I think it would take the music somewhere special. 

BM: You’re also set to release your debut EP Empire of One this summer! In addition to the forthcoming release, what can we expect from you next? 

LB: A lot more music. I have been non stop writing. Then hopefully a lot of touring! Can’t wait.

A pleasure to chat to Lexi, find her on all her socials @berg

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