L E A debuts her new single ‘Pebbles’

Today, rising Alt-Pop artist L E A is back with her brand new offering as she delivers her latest new release – her brand new single, Pebbles. Firmly making her presence known within the music scene and capturing the attention of listeners all over, the track is the latest taste of her ever progressing sound and style and the start of a brand new chapter of L E A’s musical journey. Delivering a narrative all about jumping back into the dating world and taking risks, Pebbles is taken from her forthcoming EP Jersey Boy, which is set for release next month. Ahead of the single release, we sat down with L E A to chat all about Pebbles, her musical influences and plans for the rest of 2021. 

BM: Hey, how are you? We’ve just gone halfway through the year, how has it been for you so far? 

L E A: I cannot believe this year is halfway over. Honestly, it felt like it happened so fast because we went from 0 in 2020 to 100 in 2021! It’s going great though, thank you. Lots of great things are happening!

BM: Tell us a bit about your journey in music so far and your earliest musical memory. 

L E A: Earliest musical memory– wow! I’ve only ever known music, so the memories stem back pretty far. My favorite story to tell is how I would go into the bank with my mom and sing Kokomo by The Beach Boys for the bank tellers, haha.

BM: What music has influenced you, and what music did you listen to growing up? 

L E A: When I was really little, I was raised on Classic Rock and Jazz. That has definitely made a huge impact on my life, especially as a musician. Once I was able to get a taste for music on my own, I dove deep into the Warped Tour scene & pop-punk. I swear my writing style still reflects that to this day. 

BM: Based out in LA, how has the Los Angeles music scene influenced your artistic sound and style? 

L E A: I think LA shaped the start of my music career very dramatically. Though I’m drifting from my poppier stuff now, my first several releases were so heavily influenced by being an LA Devotee. Funny though, cause I never really jumped into the music scene here until recently, I shaped my sound around what I fantasized LA as. And honestly, I like seeing it that way 🙂 

BM: You’re just about to release your brand new single Pebbles, congratulations! What do you want people to take away from this single? 

L E A: Pebbles is funny cause I originally wrote it all cutesy in the verses, but turned the chorus into a whole “jk I’m still coming in hot” which I feel is very “me”. So what do I want people to take away from this tune? Listen to the lyrics. Open yourself up for new opportunities, but don’t let it change who you really are 😉 *aka dramatic* 

BM: What was your best memory in creating Pebbles? 

L E A: The fact that this song literally came from a writing exercise on TikTok. TikTok is seriously out here putting our creativity to work and I’m living for that. It was so fun trying to catch Andy Grammer’s attention (which he did see and like!) and watching other artists take a really simple chord progression and turn it into entirely different works of art.

BM: Tell us a bit about the main sonic and thematic influences behind Pebbles.  

L E A: Pebbles is about opening your heart up after years of being so emotionally unavailable. It starts out with the idea of just knocking on someone’s window, being like “hey I’m ready to date again” to “actually, I have no patience, I want to irrationally dive right into this”. It goes from “I’ll take this slow with ya” to “I’m impulsively deciding I want this and I want this now.” 

BM: How would you say the past year and a half has changed and/or influenced you as an artist and your musical journey? 

L E A: This past year+ has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. And honestly, it was when I had so much free time alone that I questioned everything and decided I needed to make a decision. With my free time, I was able to grow a fan base, relaunch my music career, and dive into being an artist full time. I haven’t turned back since and it has only gone up from here.

BM: With a lot of the world beginning to open up, what are you most looking forward to about things starting to return to somewhat normal? 

L E A: SHOWS! Before the pandemic, it had been YEARS since I actually performed my original music live on stage. The second venues were opening up, I was getting emails, calls, and opportunities to perform live and it honestly left me speechless. The shows so far have been so much fun.

BM: What do you have lined up, and in store for us, for the rest of 2021? 

L E A: More shows (a mini-tour!), an entire EP! and even more tunes to come!

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Photo Credit: Lindsey Ruth

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