Introducing Joseph Reuben 

A rising artist and all-round creative visionary, emerging NYC-based talent Joseph Reuben emerged onto the music scene earlier this year; introducing us to his ambient and atmospheric style of artistry that delivers both nostalgic and boldly cinematic vibes. Growing up in a musical family and beginning his singing career after moving to NYC as a teenager; Joseph has since honed and developed his craft, building on his skills to become an all-round artistic talent – from singer-songwriter, to producer, to composer. Making his solo debut this summer, Joseph has already released three incredible singles, his latest being Maybe, in Californiaand with more new music and his debut EP already on the horizon, he certainly shows no signs of slowing down. With an exciting year ahead, we sat down with Joseph Reuben to talk all about his creative process, life as an artist in these crazy times, and his most recent single Maybe, in California and what we can expect from him next. So, keep on reading for our full conversation with the talented artist. 

BM: Hey! How are you?

JR: I’m great thank you, glad to be chatting with you. 

BM: Tell us a bit about your journey in music so far?

JR: My journey in music has been a long and windy one since I was just a kid. Cliche I know but music really helped me get through a lot when I was growing up. It allowed me to communicate freely where I otherwise felt I couldn’t. My entire family are very musical (not formally trained) and so we were always playing music around for the house. I had a band when I was 13 and began producing music when I was 15. I moved to NYC when I was 18 and began composing music, that’s when I started writing and performing my songs accompanied by string quartet. I then spent the next decade composing music for film, tv, ballet, theatre and everything in between and the last 3 years I’ve come full circle leaning in deeper to my solo music. 

BM: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

JR: Ennio morricone, Clint mansell, Lana Del Rey, Hans Zimmer, George Bruns, Woodkid, Philip Glass

BM: Making your musical debut earlier this year, how have you found being an emerging artist and releasing music during these crazy times. 

JR: It has been incredible. I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to release music so felt incredibly rewarding to share my work and have such a positive response. 

BM: You’ve just released your latest new single Maybe, In California; congratulations! What was the inspiration behind the track title?

JR: The track is about constantly searching for another place. Wondering if you’ll feel happier or more at home in a different place. Often thinking in any given situation that the grass may be greener, although deep down you know that’s probably not the case. 

BM: What was the creative process for Maybe, In California?

JR: I started with the verse melody in my head. I then played some chords on piano and added some lyrics and a chorus. I went back and forth simplifying the lyrics and melodies. Then recorded the skeleton of the piece and began adding some backing vocals. Once the music is in a good place, I move on to creating the visuals. I moodboard ALOT! Lots of visual references from films, photographs, TV. And then see how those images mesh with the music. Then I find the right typeface that embodies the message of the music, then I send to a few close people, get their feedback and finish up based on both our thoughts. 

BM: What do you want listeners to take away from Maybe, In California?

JR: I’d like to take the audience on a little journey. I hope it resonates and connect with people regardless if they are drawn more to the music or to the lyrics. 

BM: A truly stunning and melodic track, what’s your favourite way to listen to Maybe, In California?

JR: Thank you! It’s a very personal and introspective one. It’s an intimate track but at the same time epic, wave your hands in the air, crying whilst you’re driving in a convertible on a highway kinda vibe. So any of those options work. 😁

BM: Tell us a bit about the musical and creative sound and style we can expect from you on future releases going forward? Will you aim to build on your current mellow and ambient vibe, or experiment with more different sounds and genres?

JR: I wanted this first EP to feel atmospheric and dreamlike. Moving forward the sound will be a little more upbeat and perhaps a little more sexy. 

BM: What can we expect from you next?

JR: My debut EP and new music video that I directed will be out next month! Followed by a double-side single to be released before the new year.

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