An Upcoming Pop Star Heavyweight… Introducing Bishop Briggs

An Upcoming Pop Star Heavyweight… Introducing Bishop Briggs

If you’ve watched the TV show Lucifer, you’ve probably already come across Bishop Briggs. Her distinctive voice is instantly recognisable as one of the staple parts of the American programme’s soundtrack, but that doesn’t mean that she’s just good for a TV show and nothing else. No no.

Despite having just one album under her belt, Bishop Briggs shows all the character of an arena sell-out artist and there’s a huge, bright future ahead of her. Church of Scars was released last year and, if treated as a demo for a new artist to show off what they’re capable of, it ticks all the boxes.

Real name Sarah Grace McLaughlin, the 26-year-old was born in London but soon moved to Tokyo with her family. As she grew up she started performing for the first time in Japanese bars and then decided that it was what she wanted to do full-time. Moving to Los Angeles, via a stay in Hong Kong during her teens, Bishop Briggs has been through all the education of a quality pop star, and now it’s time for her to show it.

The album covers everything from dominant, inspiration female power (‘White Flag’) through emotional, indie pop to meaningful, one-on-one moments with the listener, stripping away all the heavy production and leaving just a guitar and some vocals.

Church of Scars begins somewhat lighter than it finishes, with the tone of her sound getting recognisably darker as she tells more stories through her music. Opening track ‘Tempt My Trouble’ is the perfect, radio-friendly track for a sunny festival set in the middle of a field, while the final track on the album ‘Hi-Lo (Hollow)’ could be adapted into a soul piano solo in the middle of a concert. This track in particular shows off her raw vocal power.

If Bishop Briggs were presented with a huge stage to morph into what she wanted for a concert, she would without a doubt put on an incredible show. It would have the energy of Taylor Swift, and some of her music sounds similar to the heavy bass elements on Swifty’s latest album.

At just 26, Bishop Briggs can easily be classed with the rest of the group of upcoming pop star behemoths (Sigrid,Anne-Marie, led by Ariana Grande of course), but she’s got her own unique stories to tell and her own spin on music.

She’s the best of all the artists mentioned above rolled into one and you can expect to hear more about her in 2019. She’s been announced for some festivals across the pond for next summer so it’s likely she’ll make a visit to the UK too, and when she does, make sure you don’t miss her.

Briggs’s Socials:

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Post by Oscar La-Gambina



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