If you haven’t heard of Tyron Webster, then there is no doubt that that won’t last much longer. With today marking the awaited release of his official debut single, Crippled; the up and coming singer-songwriter from Yorkshire is about to be making some serious noise within the R&B, Pop, soul world.

Prior to the release of Crippled; over the last several years, he has gained attention and recognition through his performances on several prominent YouTube channels such as Ont’ Sofa and platforms including BBC introducing. 

With a unique and distinctive sound, Webster and his vocals are often compared to the likes of The Weeknd and Ray Blk, with his powerful voice and impeccable vocal control and range. Being around and exposed to various music and genres from a young age (especially with his dad being the musician Mark Iration), and inhabiting this passion for music; these early influences are distinctly reflected in the versatile and genre-meshing sound that Webster presents. With his music being influenced and rooted within several genres; across Soul, Pop, R&B, Reggae and more ambient, experimental sounds. 

It is this exact versatility, unique vocals and distinct vibe that Webster has also brought to the creation of his debut release, Crippled. Being the perfect debut track to showcase his strong, smooth vocal flair, Crippled certainly has no shortage of heart aching falsettos and absolutely stunning runs; truly presenting Webster’s vocals at their finest, and reflecting his individual and unique vibe. In discussing his new single, Webster describes Crippled as “a song [he wrote] about his experiences of ‘love’”, and the track discusses the emotional trials and tribulations that come with (being in) love and relationships. Themes of which are perfectly reflected by the slow-tempo, and stripped back, elements of the melody. 

Adding emphasis to the emotional stress the song alludes to, are the poignant lyrics that perfectly articulate the emotions of romantic heart ache. From lamenting ‘Where is the love that you’re talking about’ to ‘Bring back the fight/Love me day and night’; he also addresses feelings of ‘emptiness’, ‘infatuation’ and ‘dark[ness]’. One thing that also stands out about the lyrics and message of this track is its universality. With Webster talking simply about love that we can all relate to, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. 

Simply put, this is not so much a love song, but an incredible song about love. And in terms future hits from Webster, we can definitely expect more tracks like this going forward; with Tyron, in discussing why he chose to release this track first, stated that: “the song is a staple of what is to come from me as an artist, […] I’m an emotional f**ker”. Most distinctively, the song is particularly reminiscent of Madison Beer’s Dead, along with giving off some serious ‘The Weekend’ energy; making it a perfect hit that will definitely not disappoint. 

“Crippled is a song I wrote about my experiences of ‘love’ and being in love with a guy and the relationships flipping”

Tyron Webster on Crippled

So go and give his debut single a listen and check out his socials (@TyronWebster) to keep up to date with all his future events and music releases. 

Debut Show on the 4th June – The Castle Hotel – Manchester

Written By Stevie Carter

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