Introducing: Another Failed Startup

Our pick of this week’s new releases has to be the fresh breezy rock debut from Another Failed Start-up. Another Failed Start-up are a new 5-piece band from South London inspired by a variety of music from 90s lo-fi Britpop to the sounds of 50s delta blue with influences from soul, funk and rock and roll. They have created the perfect soundtrack to a summer of uncertainty. One for fans of Twin Peaks and Happyness: think 90s Red Hot Chilli Peppers meeting Ariel Pink.

‘California Radio’, the band’s first single radiates a warm summer energy, with a creamy guitar, the perfect track for long road trips, chilled sunny days and suspiciously badly behaved evenings. If one song was to sum up the album, it would be this. The perfect track for a bliss peaceful summer evening.

‘Rebecca’ breaks up a bit of the summery good vibes of love, and adding a shade of darkness featuring a divine guitar solo. Freddy Clode, lead vocals and rhythm guitar touches on the paranoia of life, love, work and lust, the bands name coming from his ideas about how “Failure is [his] only achievement”. One of Freddy’s idols, Just Jack has even approved of the song ‘Rebecca’, good enough for us then. Another highlight is the track ‘Lo-Fi Song (In My Head)’ a magically chilled acoustic-style track, the perfect song for a warm, breezy day at the beach.

The album features short tracks amongst the full-length tracks. Described by the band as being; ‘musings, vignettes of a stream of consciousness scattered amongst longer, structed tracks’. Freddy’s vocal go from raspy and soft to blunt raw conversational vocals.

The band plan on a launch party in June, so stay tuned!

The album launches today out on all platforms.

Check out the band here:

Instagram @anotherfailedstartup

Facebook Another Failed Startup


Apple Music

Written by Tilda Gratton

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